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Gaming PC Service (Custom Computers)

Gaming Custom Build PC Fix My TV PC Repair Rochester NY

    Thinking about building that ultimate gaming machine.Our experts will guide you through the process to help you choose what you need, parts that will work together best, and build you the machine of your your dreams. We will also clock and calibrate your machine with expert skills.

Consultation Services
     Its simple call us make an appointment. We can even do it remotely if you cannot come to our shop. Our sales department will:
  • Listen to the purpose for which you will be using your computer
  • Plan and outline custom computer solutions that best fit for your needs
**based not only on superior quality and performance - but also on affordability.

Ordering  Services
NO COMPROMISES. With every budget and customer in mind, Fix My PC offers a fantastic range of high-performance custom gaming desktops so that every single customer has a chance to own the high-performance system of their dreams without any compromises.  
  • We simply charge a flat rate and we will even transfer your data from your old machine to your new one
  • Our labor start as low as $175. Usually around 20 to 30% of your parts purchase
  • We do not mark up the cost for parts and only charge for our labor so you get a square fair deal
  • We offer trade ins to pay you for your old machine and or parts

Development & Testing Services
Designed with an unadulterated desire for breakneck gaming performance, Fix My PC have no patience for the lagging, stuttering, and low-res game-play that haunts your old PC.
Fix My PC provides the peace of mind that a “do-it-yourself” computer can’t. Expert craftsmanship and thorough testing go into every custom PC at Fix My PC. Ensuring zero bottlenecks maximum performance, and long-lasting quality from your hardware.
Contact us today for your custom computer needs.