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Does your hard drive make a clicking noise and no longer work Properly?
Don't panic we can help. In most cases we can recover your important files.

Hard drives that click have a serious problem and are very difficult to recover data from

 Here is a tip about what you should do in case of hard drive click of death recovery failure. 

1, The first thing that you should do is to make sure that you don’t do anything that might make clicking hard drive data recovery impossible such as open the drive or format it.

2, Call us at 585-473-3757 at our hard drive recovery service center located in Rochester, NY. Ask for Vincent if unable to get through text 585-503-6345 with call back number and details about drive issue.

3, I will call you back and give you an estimated range for your repair and explain how it works.  We will arrange shipment of your drive to our service center and begin  using our state of the art hard drive data recovery system

Successful recovery jobs range from $90 to $500, Most other places charge an average of two and half times what we do for the same service.

Best of all estimates are free if you send us your drive and if we do not recover your files you will be fully refunded and your drive will be sent back to you at no extra charge other than shipping cost.

CALL US TODAY AT 585-473-3757
TEXT US AT 585-503-6345