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Iride 8 inch Smart Scooter

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iRide Smart Scooter
iRide Smart Scooter
We are the most reliable choice for balancing smart scooter. We bring to you the best self balance scooter at the most competitive rates. Call us now for more details. 585-473-375 Shipping from the US to anywhere in the US S2 2 Wheel Smart Balance Electric Standing Scooter Hoverboard Skateboard Motorized Adult Roller Hover Drift Board Scooters Double balancing systems keep you in balance Security protection: tilting protection, speed limit protection, low battery protection A revolutionary green product for personal transportation that can be easily carried around on bus or subway Specifications: Max Speed:10km/h Distance around 15-18km(depends on rider's weight, road conditions etc) Max tilt around 15°-30°(depends on rider's weight) Battery 36V*4.4AH(158WH) lithium battery highest power 500W(contain)-1000W(no contain) Using temperature 10 degree centigrade -40 degree centigrade (recommending at 10 degree centigrade -30 degree centigrade) Max load 120kg Engin 250W each Charging voltage AC110-240V 50-60HZ Charging time Around 60-120 Mins (30 Mins to 80%) Speed protection 10km/h(contain)-15km/h(no contain) Low battery protection when battery is lower than 10%, it will slow down and finally stopped working Size 584*168*178(mm) Tyre size 170mm Weight 12kg Power switch LED works when turned on and keeps twinkling under protection circumstances. Voice alert Beeps when turned on and has a low battery capacity The latest boards (K6) are more robust and hold a better charge. Also streams your favorite audio through Bluetooth enhanced speakers.